Charitable Found “Zapovit” behalf of Sarkis Davtyan is a family business. The foundation was created in 2000 and through it’s history for the need of charity over 10 million hrivnas were transferred. “Zapovit” pays special attention to helping the disabled and low-income families, providing financial support for the gravely ill who are not able to pay operation or costs of medical treatment. “Zapovit” expenditures cover the purchases of medical equipment and medicines for many municipal hospitals.

Charitable Found “Zapovit” behalf of Sarkis Davtyan provides systematic material assistance to a number of orphanages and boarding schools of our region. Attaching special importance to the preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Kharkov. Charitable Found “Zapovit” behalf of Sarkis Davtyan implements the restoration and reconstruction of city objects presenting cultural value for the people of Kharkov. Large-scale financing neither of socially-significant objects construction in the region is also of major importance for the Foundation.

Charity is an essential and important social aspect of DAD Investment Group’s activities.