Simon-production is the studio for producing audio and video production of various genres and mainstreams. The studio makes documental and presentations trailers and films, audio and video advertisement, deals with sound dubbing of foreign language video products. The works by “Simon-production” have repeatedly become the victors and prize-winners of profiling contests.

“Simon” advertising agency

Starting 1993 “Simon” full-cycle advertising agency has been successfully cooperating with the leaders of regional and Ukrainian business on advertisement creation and placement in national and regional carriers. The partners of advertising agency are UMC, Philip Morris, Lukoil Corporation, and many others. “Simon” advertising agency is the biggest advertising agency of Kharkov that works both on the local and national levels, allocating video and outdoor ads and owns the exclusive right of placing advertisements in a number of popular periodicals.

One of the system links of DAD Investment Group in media holding including printed matters, electronic Mass Media, Internet-recourses, production studio.