“Simon” broadcasting company is among the oldest private television and radio companies of Ukraine. First programs by “Simon” broadcasting company went on the air in 1992. Today “Simon” broadcasts 24 hours a day on the territory of Kharkov City and region and is represented in cable networks of all the main operators of the region. “Simon” is among the most popular and recognizable TV channels of Kharkov. “Simon” broadcasting company has repeatedly had the first persons of Ukraine, political parties’ leaders, manufacturers and outstanding men of culture for the guests.

High artistic and technical level of channels programs has been confirmed by the awards of national contest and television festivals. “Simon” broadcasting company was recognized the best broadcasting company of the region in “Ukraine’s Leaders” contest (2001), was awarded with the first prize in “Culture” nomination of “Open Ukraine” All-Ukrainian Television Contest. Programs by “Simon” broadcasting company have been nominees of the main Ukrainian television contest “Teletriumph”. According to rating companies’ data “Simon” is in the top twenty of popular television channels of the country.

One of the system links of DAD Investment Group in media holding including printed matters, electronic Mass Media, Internet-recourses, production studio.