“Objective” is almost the most recognizable brand in Kharkov media space. Having been created initially as a team of news agency journalists today’s Media Group is a synthesis of electronic and printed Mass Media.

“Objective” Media Group offers to the people of region and country the possibility to know the news of Kharkov region in the least possible time and most convenient form. Besides traditional daily news broadcast live in the air of “Simon” TV channel, materials of Media Group’s journalists are available for reading at www.objective.tv and “Objectivno” weekly. www.objective.tv site is very popular among former kharkivites living abroad. In fact the site of “Objectiv” Media Group is a reliable source of politically non-committed information on the life of region for our fellow-citymen.

Besides “Objectiv-Itogi” weekly analytical news together with special coverages are a constant hit among the audience. In 2007 “Objectiv-Itogi” program was in the shortlists for “Teletriumph” in “The Best Regional TV Program” nomination.

One of the system links of DAD Investment Group in media holding including printed matters, electronic Mass Media, Internet-recourses, production studio.