Internatcional Hotel is located in the historic building in the downtown. Its windows look over Svobody square, the central square of the city. One of the biggest squares in Europe. Hotel’s name “Internacional” is the honor to history. It was the name of hotel hosted by this building in the beginning of XX century. The building is a fine example of that time, monumental architecture of the XX century: magnificent facade, strength of structures, characteristic gorgeous decor of the interior. On the completion of interior’s reconstruction by 2011 the Hotel Internacional will be a five-star luxury hotel complex intended for the most exacting guests. To date the negotiations have been progressed with the big network operators of hotel business which allows the idea on “Internacional Hotel’s” subsequent inclusion into the world-wide network of superior hotels.

Hotels constituting DAD Investment Group provide the guests of the city with the possibility to choose a place to stay between budgetary, private options and “de-luxe”