Karina Davtyan

Vice-president of DAD Investment Group
  • Mass Media
  • Continent-Group
  • Charity Foundation

An important system element of DAD Investment Group is media holding which develops dynamically. For this moment it includes all major media types, including one of the oldest non-state TV and radio company of Ukraine, studio for the production of audio and video products, full cycle advertising agency, one of the most popular Kharkov news’ brands in and prints media.

“Continent-group” – one of the region’s most successful brands, bringing together under one management a wide variety of activities. With all the diversity, “Continent-group” enterprises share a common trait – the highest standards of quality of services.

Financial assistance to the poor persons, preservation of historical and cultural values of the country – a honorary task of every true citizen and patriot. “Zapovit Charity Fund” was created in 2000 as a family business, and it’s one of the most important aspects of DAD Investment Group.