DAD Investment Group dates back to 1986 and a small organization dealing with construction works. In the times of conversing to market economy this organization managed not only to stand and consolidate its position but also to transform and upgrade to satisfy the new economics and challenges. New companies were founded, acquired, enterprises were built and firms merged.

Today DAD Investment Group has unified the activities of a number of companies operating in various businesses: from construction to mass media, from restaurants and hotels to real estate. The number of Company’s employees has reached several thousand people.

Companies constituting DAD Investment Group are serious organizations which have proved to be reliable, reputable and predictable business structures. It is by our work, allegiance tour principles that we have earned our good name and met partners’ respect. It won’t be exaggeration to think that these companies expert tangible influence on the economic, social and political life of our region.

More than twenty-year’ history of DAD Investment Group’s activities permit us to be confident in our future, make bold plans for perspective development and be firmly convinced in their implementation. I invite you to get acquainted with the companies constituting DAD Investment Group and I want to assure that we are always open for any cooperation based on the principles of mutual respect and benefits.

Best regards, Alexandr Davtyan President of DAD Investment Group